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From CAD $524,000 to over $711,000
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Single Family Home
- Units
2 - 5 Bedrooms
1275 - 2249 SqFt
$370 per SqFt
Northcrest Estates is a new single family home development currently under construction at North Street East, Tillsonburg. Available units range in price from $524,000 to over $711,000. Northcrest Estates unit sizes range from 1275 to 2249 square feet.

Northcrest Estates Details

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Single Family Home
Fee simple
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Pricing & Fees

Prices - Available Units:
From $524,000 to over $711,000
Cost to Purchase Parking:
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Average Price per Sqft:
$370 per SqFt
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Northcrest Estates Summary


Welcome to Northcrest Estates in Tillsonburg! Tillsonburg is a great place to visit, and an even better place to call home. Combining the best elements of rural and urban living, Tillsonburg is a community where the pace is comfortable and the necessities of everyday life are always close at hand.

We are currently selling Phase 2 with a variety of Townhomes and pre-selected Inventory homes available.

Tillsonburg is located approximately 25KMs south of the 401 - an easy drive down Highway 19! The drive time from Brampton to Tillsonburg is about 90 minutes and the drive time from the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph area is approximately 60 mintues.

Source: Hayhoe Homes
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Features & Finishes


• Colours for exterior features selected from exterior colour packages assembled by Vendor's professional Design Consultant - the Vendor, at their sole discretion, may approve minor variations to the exterior colour packages - each requested variation is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
• Quality brick front elevation, sides, and rear first storey only, second storey front, sides and rear as per elevations. If applicable, at the Vendor’s discretion, the Purchaser may have to select a different brick colour than the brick installed on a home or homes on adjacent lot(s).
• Prefinished, maintenance-free, quality siding, soffits, fascia and eaves troughs as per elevation. Manufactured stone header above garage door(s).
• Maintenance-free, insul-glazed, exterior frames have a colour (white interior frames), prefinished, vinyl windows, complete with screens on operable windows. Basement windows are all sliders. Front window style is per elevation drawing with white internal grilles (if applicable). All glazing areas are subject to the requirements of the Ontario Building Code. Minimum of two window sections in master bedroom and great room will be operable windows.
• Fiberglass insulated entry doors with high-quality weather stripping – style as per elevation drawing.
• Lifetime architectural asphalt shingles (shingle warranty as per manufacture’s specifications).
• Lot graded to the requirements of the municipality (e.g. City, Town), fully sodded front and rear (including boulevards) except areas with trees, shrubs and general shrub ground cover. Final grading and sod installation will be completed by October 31 of the year following the closing.
• Purchaser is responsible to control all vegetation growth from closing date to sod installation date as required. Watering new sod is entirely the Purchaser’s responsibility and the Vendor recommends the purchase of bulk water for new sod.
• Precast concrete slab walkway and steps from driveway to front entry with asphalt-paved driveway. Asphalt driveway and all types of on-grade hard surfaces (e.g. patios) to be installed by October 31 of the year following the closing date.
• Top layer of clear stone installed on driveway prior to installation of asphalt.
• Raised sectional steel, non-insulated garage door(s), as per plan, where applicable, style as per elevation drawing.
• Reinforced poured concrete porch as per model type, PVC posts (painted), as per plan, where applicable. Concrete porches may or may not have an expansion joint(s) to allow for expansion. Expansion joints, including location, are at the Vendor’s discretion.

• Treads on interior stairs approximately 11” deep. Other stair treads (eg. in garage) may be less than 11” deep.
• Basement floor to be 3" poured concrete over 6" of 3/4" stone.
• Garage floor, as per plan, where applicable to be 4” poured concrete over compacted granular material complete with saw cut(s) for expansion purposes.
• 8" poured concrete foundation walls complete with damp proofing and drainage membrane installed on 6" x 16" footings and foundation collector drains (where applicable) with two 24” X 36” windows.
• Foundation to be parged from grade to brick line (this is a masonry veneer for esthetic purposes cannot be warranted).
• Floor joists as per Ontario Building Code requirements and supporting beams and/or bearing walls as per model type.
• Floor sheathing as per Ontario Building Code requirements, nailed and screwed to joists.
• Roof sheathing as per Ontario Building Code requirements, fastened to Engineered roof trusses. Truss configurations per the requirements of the Ontario Building Code.
• 2” x 6” @ 16”o.c. exterior walls with R5 insulated sheathing and R20 batt insulation in walls.
• R50 blown-in insulation in attic (except over garage) and R50 insulation in sloped areas.
• Exterior basement walls framed with 2” x 6”’s (where required) @ 24”o.c., insulated with full height R20 batts and 6 mil poly with a moisture barrier.
• Continuous interior air barrier on all floor belts, wall headers & wall assemblies; sealed electrical boxes on all exterior walls; acoustical sealant of air/vapour barrier at all joints & openings.
• R35 spray foam insulation in floors over unheated space.
• 1/2" drywall throughout finished areas only, nailed and screwed to structural lumber.
• The Vendor, if required by the municipality the house is being constructed in, will install a soil gas mitigation system that is in compliance with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code. The Vendor will not install a soil gas mitigation system if the municipality the house is being constructed in does not require it. All aspects of the soil gas mitigation system, including but not limited to the design, the location, and the technical specifications are determined at the sole discretion of the Vendor.

• Kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity(ies) selected from Vendor’s samples as per plan and model type.
• Allowance of $7,000 for hard surface counters (e.g. quartz, granite, acrylic, etc) in kitchen.
• Allowance of $1,500 for tile backsplash in kitchen.
• Pricing for hard surface counter tops depends on the 'grade' selected (e.g.: group 1 quartz vs. group 4 quartz).
• Ceramic flooring in the bathroom(s), foyer, kitchen, eating area, applicable hallways, and laundry room, hardwood flooring in great room / common living area, and all other flooring to be carpet including the stairs. The extent of all flooring areas is defined by the Vendor. Flooring selections to be chosen from Vendor’s samples.
• Ceramic around whirlpool tub and fireplace, as per plan, where applicable.
• Flooring transitions: Where different flooring types adjoin a transition material is required. The location and type of flooring transition material is at the sole discretion of the Vendor. The Purchaser acknowledges that flooring transition materials are commonly at different heights (higher or lower) than the surrounding floors and transition materials may result in an unlevel surface at the point of transition.
• The Purchaser acknowledges being advised that all flooring materials are subject to pattern, shade and colour variations, and that hardwood flooring is subject to natural variations in colour and grain. Furthermore, hardwood flooring is made of a natural material which is subject to natural shrinkage and expansion and the Purchaser will not hold the Vendor responsible for normal shrinkage and expansion. To control expansion and shrinkage the Vendor has installed humidifier and it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to operate & maintain the humidifier to help reduce normal shrinkage & expansion.
• Baseboard is approximately 4" high and casing is approximately 2 5/8" high - trim height may vary slightly
• Interior two panel doors are hinged swing doors (not bi-fold) - painted with standard coloured hardware (baths & master bedroom have privacy locks).
• Closets: Wire shelving installed in locations selected by the Vendor and pantries have solid shelving (e.g. melamine)
• Cathedral &/or vaulted or raised ceilings as per model & plan, where applicable, all other mn & sec floor ceilings to be 8’.
• Railings system is stained wood newel, spindles, handrail, & newel cap as per plan & model tyle
• California stipple ceilings in the entire home except some rooms selected at the Vendor’s discretion - typically bathroom(s) and laundry and other rooms with frequent exposure to moisture.
• Home completely painted with latex paint. Purchaser's choice of three off-white colours. Dark colours are available at an additional charge. Interior trim and doors are painted with white, latex paint.
• Garage drywalled and painted with minimum one coat of latex paint. Vendor to select garage wall colour.
• Mirror(s) installed over bathroom vanity(ies), 36" high and full width of vanity, (oval cut mirror installed over pedestal basins, if applicable).

• One piece acrylic 5’ tub/shower(s) (white) including cap, complete with pressure-balance faucet (chrome) and shower curtain rod, as per plan, where applicable.
• Neo-angle shower(s) (white) complete with pressure-balance faucet (chrome) and shower door (chrome and obscure glass), as per plan, where applicable.
• China basin(s) (white) complete with lever style faucet (chrome) and
Toilet (white) with lined tank.
• Allowance of $300 for undermount double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink
• Allowance of $300 for decorative kitchen faucet.
• Built-in dishwasher (stainless steel exterior) supplied and installed.
• Connections provided for Purchaser's washer and electric dryer complete with single laundry tub installed, as per plan and model type. Exterior vent provided for dryer exhaust. The bottom of the oatey box (if applicable) will be installed 42” to 44” above the subfloor.
• Waterline provided to fridge location – water line connected to fridge by Purchaser.
• Rough-in for 3-piece bath in basement, as per plan, where applicable.
• Back flow valve (where required) installed on sanitary line.
• The Purchaser acknowledges that the power-vent gas water heater (“water heater”) to be installed by the Vendor meets the Ontario Building Code requirements and is supplied by a third party on a rental basis and agrees, on closing, to assume the Vendor’s obligations with respect to the water heater in accordance with the third party’s then standard terms and conditions and at the third party’s then standard rental rates and hereby acknowledges the third party’s title and ownership of the water heater. This obligation shall survive the closing of the transaction. In the event the Purchaser removes the water heater and/or terminates the contract with the third party and said action(s) incur a penalty to the Vender the Purchaser agrees the penalty shall be on the Purchaser’s account and agrees to pay the penalty.
• At least two tubs/showers connected to Drainwater Heat Recovery coil (unless only one tub and/or shower is installed).
• Sealed sump pit & pump installed (discharged to storm sewer) in location selected by Vendor.
• Water meter installed by Vendor and supplied by the municipality (location selected by Vendor).
• Two exterior water taps installed.

• Forced air, high-efficiency gas furnace, (96% AFUE two-stage gas valve), with digital programmable thermostat. Vendor to install a furnace that is sized to meet the requirements of the O.B.C and official HVAC plan. The Purchaser and Vendor do not determine the size of the furnace – The O.B.C and official HVAC plan do.
• Central air conditioning (sized as per HVAC plan).
• Simplified HRV (min. 75% efficient). Optional inlets can be added for an additional cost.
• The Purchaser acknowledges the house will include bulkheads and boxed out walls to accommodate and/or conceal plumbing, mechanical systems, structural supports, and other features related to constructing a house. The bulkheads and boxed out walls will not all be shown on plans and will vary from house to house and the Vendor reserves the right to install bulkheads and boxed out walls as required. Furthermore, the finishing detail of the bulkheads and location of the bulkheads is at the sole discretion of the Vendor.
• The Vendor will also install features associated with the mechanical and plumbing systems (such as vents and access panels) in locations selected solely by the Vendor. Furthermore, the locations of these features can vary in location within the same model type (e.g. in house Model “A” a return air vent may be on the floor in one house and in house Model “A” the return air vent may be in the wall – this is normal and to be expected to happen).
• Flow through humidifier.
• Gas line with quick connect for BBQ – location selected by Vendor.
• Prewired and jacks installed for a combined total of 6 cable televisions and/or telephones.
• Minimum 100-amp circuit breaker panel with copper wiring throughout.
• Kitchen exhaust hood, door chime kit, LED under cabinets in kitchen, unfinished basement and interior garage light fixtures supplied by Vendor.
• Heavy duty stove receptacle and dedicated outlet for refrigerator and microwave, all kitchen outlets are split receptacles
• Allowance of $1,500 for light fixtures from Vendor’s supplier – locations selected at Electrical Plan Review meeting.
• Allowance of $1,500 for pot lights – locations selected at Electrical Plan Review meeting.
• Exhaust fans vented to exterior in the bathroom(s).
• Two exterior weatherproof electrical receptacles with ground fault breaker feature.
• One automatic garage door opener with two remotes and keypad & if applicable rough-in for second garage dr opener.
• Decora style switches and standard style plugs, all in white.
• Rough-in for central vacuum system (pipe and low voltage wiring is roughed in to unfinished basement area).
• Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms installed as per the requirements of the Ontario Building Code.

• Change Orders: The foregoing specifications supersede any verbal discussions that the Purchaser may have had with the Vendor prior to execution of this agreement. Furthermore, any subsequent alterations to the plan and/or specifications must be in the form of a written change order, signed by both the Purchaser and the Vendor.
• Satellite TV Wires: The Vendor does not install “rough in” wires for satellite dishes (e.g. attic to the electrical panel).
• Warranty: The Purchaser receives substantial warranty protection as set out by the Tarion Warranty Program (in accordance with the Ontario New Home Warranty Act). Under the plan, the Vendor warrants that the house will be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one year. There is a two-year warranty with respect to electrical, plumbing, heating systems, cladding, caulking, windows, and doors, and the building envelope (all parts of the structure that contain the living space is free of water penetration). The Vendor warrants for two years that the basement remains free of water penetration through the foundation. The Purchaser is protected for seven years against major structural defects with the Tarion Warranty Program.
• Glass Area: The Ontario Building Code limits the amount of glass (glazing area) in all houses – should the amount of glass area in the house exceed the limit set by the OBC some windows and doors will either have to be removed or changed to a smaller size to ensure the OBC requirement is met.
• Pocket Doors: Pocket doors have moving parts – these moving parts will change as time passes and cause the pocket door to rub against the wall of the pocket and operate in a rough manner – these items are not warranted by the Vendor – where possible the Vendor installs a double wall (reduces floor space) to ensure the walls around the pocket door are secure.
• Vanity & Cabinet Sizes: All cabinet sizes shown on plans are approximate and subject to change – final cabinet sizes are determined at the cabinetry selection meeting.
• Allowances: All allowance amounts noted in Schedule “A” and Schedule “C” include net HST and are not exact prices – exact prices will be provided once a final decision on the product is determined – allowance figures are based on the Vendor’s knowledge of supplying and installing common products.
• Front Door: The Purchaser will need to have selected the front door and glass style by the date provided by the Vendor – failing to meet this time frame may result in the standard door being installed.
• Window Wells: Amount of exposed metal window well (if applicable) seen through any size of basement window is determined by the Engineer's lot grading plan and not by the Vendor - metal window wells (if applicable) have to be installed by the Vendor in order to obtain a grading certificate.
• Product Selections: During the sales process many products are on display in Presentation Centres and other houses – the Vendor cannot guarantee that all the same products will still be available at the time selections are made (suppliers can discontinue products without notification). All selections are to be from Vendor’s samples. In the event a selection(s) or detail(s) is in contravention of the Ontario Building Code the Ontario Building Code takes precedence.
• Variations in Products: All products are subject to variations in colour, texture, and other esthetic traits of the product. For example, red brick A installed at 123 Apple Street may look different then red brick A installed at 789 Orange Street - there are acceptable variation tolerances in each product and the Vendor cannot guarantee that products will be exactly the same from house to house. The Vendor reserves the right to substitute a comparable, alternative product for any of the products and/or materials included in the construction of the home without the express permission of the Purchaser.
• Note about Calcite Brick: A clay brick is included in the base price - if a calcite brick is selected and installed the Purchaser acknowledges being informed that calcite bricks can have an inconsistent appearance – the Vendor’s installers follow install steps to minimize the inconsistent appearance but the inconsistent appearance can still appear and in the cases this happens the Purchaser agrees to accept the brick as installed.
• 8’-4” Tall Foundation Walls: Adding 8’-4” tall foundation walls may result in a railing being added to the porch(s)
• Exterior Railings: Adding exterior railings to a porch (or deck) may result in alterations having to be made to the house to accommodate properly securing the railings. An example of an alteration would be raising the height of a masonry post pad and raising a masonry post pad may result in a change to the size, style, & shape of the PVC post.
• Interior Vaulted Ceilings: Interior vaulted ceilings may have to be adjusted or removed from a house if there is not adequate attic space for insulation due to the pitch of the roof on the exterior.
• All appliances not included in the agreement of purchase and sale are considered to have an electric fuel source and be free-standing (not built-in or slide-in) and the Purchaser is responsible to pay all fees associated with purchase of, delivery of, connection of, and installation of all appliances after the closing date.
• The range hood (kitchen exhaust hood) to be selected from Vendor’s samples. • The Vendor, at its sole discretion, may permit an alternate range hood that is not in the Vendor’s samples however; the range hood must be approved by the Vendor (the Vendor will not approve all range hoods because many range hoods do not meet all requirements).
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