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RUMOUR ALERT: The Guvernment to become a condo?

Today on the Zach Bussey show, Mark Holmes (Platinum Blonde, and owner of The Mod Club) mentioned that The Guvernment is set to become a condo.

He mentioned that this rumour has been circulating for a long time.

Anyone know anything?

Location: 132 Queens Quay East


Ontario / New Developments
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"No one-there why everyone is so angry & pissed off in this garbage anti-social city!!"

The majority of people I run into in the city seem to be friendly and generally content with their living situation in Toronto.

"garbage everywhere"

Toronto is generally regarded as one of the cleanest major cities in North America. Have you been to any others?

"but all they wana do is pull over any sh*t box cars for any self hating reasons, to take the bread out of your mouth"

Perhaps because they "sh*t box" cars aren't safe for the road or are rusted out so badly that you can see the driver's pedals? Or are leaking so much emissions that a smoke stack would be jealous?

"& ppl that hate one another, car insurance with a price tag, that Hollywood ppl dont even come lose too"


"Toronto looks exactly like Detroit with a price tag worse then Hollywood!!"

Because we're a battered, post-industrial, bankrupt city with thousands of acres of abandoned land and a high crime rate. Gotcha.

"^^&k this city!!"

Feel free to leave at any time. May I suggest Detroit?
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Really?? why would anyone want to replace the Guvernement? It's one of the better clubs in the world for electronic music.
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@Alexander Kvitnitsky - It's a prime location, given the Queens Quay/Waterfront revitalization in the next decade.

On a related note, I'm surprised that the Government of Ontario has not sold off the LCBO warehouse/store on Queens Quay; it would likely be worth a tonne of money to developers.
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There you go you came up with a perfect substitution for The Guvernement; with the club being one of the better once in north america for electronic music; it brings lots of exposure to the city of Toronto to people from all over Canada, and US 

So aside from all the major developments that the city of Toronto has, it needs to sustain businesses and attractions that make this city exciting, and livable.
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I'll serve up the Government on a freaking platter over the beautiful LCBO warehouse. I hope to God it doesn't get torn down.
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@Alexander Kvitnitsky I agree. There are not many clubs, particularly in Toronto attracting people like The Guvernment does. Especially when it comes to electronic music. The Guvernment plays a vital role in the city's night life and I do not want to see it go.
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@Alexander Kvitnitsky If The Guvernment is one of the things making Toronto "exciting, and livable", then we really don't have much going for us. Besides, there are plenty of other venues in the city to house crappy techno DJs and people with glow sticks and pacifiers.
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My friend whether you like it or you don't; its the variety of venues that makes this city great, and I wasn't talking about Guvernment on its own, but a collaboration of everything that the city has to offer - Restaurants, bars, lounges, gallerias  museums, THE GUVERNMENT, and much much more.

Besides instead of critisizing why wont you grab a glow stick and try something new.
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Doesn't Charles Khabouth own this club? If so, could we assume that it will be a joint venture with @Lifetime Developments, much like @Bisha Hotel and Residences?
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Any new updates about whether the Guvernment is going to become a condo? It would be a real shame if that nightclub was to be shut down.
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Let the speculation begin...QQE has definitely become hot topic.

Stand on the corner of Richmond and Peter Streets, the former epicenter of Clubland. Once there were clubs on all four corners, now there are none. Other big club spaces around town are giving way to residences. The huge Guvernment (formerly RPM) site at Queens Quay and Jarvis was recently sold to a developer and Fly, the last remaining big gay club in the Gaybourhood, may be going condo soon too. Do we need to start worrying about where people can dance to loud music?
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Personally I think it's completely fine to have clubs downtown, I'm not about controlling what businesses open in what neighbourhoods (maybe a few exceptions to that). If market economics say that condos and desnification are what's being demanded in the downtown core then so be it. With that the traditional club areas might diminish, but I highly doubt the scene will altogether. Only problem might be it'll make you committed to going to one club once you're there rather than hopping over to the club that used to be across the street.
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The latest that I have heard (UNofficially): @The Daniels Corporation has the site under contract. This would be pretty awesome if true.
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Not surprised at this. That location is indeed a prime location. Same with the honest eds' rumours.
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@TheRedPin It might seem like a prime location, but they are going to have one hell of a fight with Redpath Sugar.

@Matthew Slutsky If true, agreed, will be an incredible developer for the site. Between this, and @1 Yonge and @Aqualina at Bayside and @Pier 27, the area might actually become livable.
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According to The Grid, The Guvernment is officially now closing:
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FYI: Looks like the project is going to be called @Daniels Waterfront

All renderings and info out there is currently old. 

As we get new info, we'll let you know.  
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*^&king Toronto!! they toke a city from the 90's of Fun/social life into a big old retirement home!! 1st they removed arcades, then they remove all the nightclubs on peter & richmond St!! (They pushed around all the nightclubs with stupid ridiculous city bylaws so much til they all nigthclubs couldn't keep up with the price tags, til they all closed down) Then Docks nightclubs became a joke, then muzik nightclub when down the drain & now gov nightclub total shut down. all in trade for bunch of tiny over priced garbage condos everywhere!! No one-there why everyone is so angry & pissed off in this garbage anti-social city!! potholes like a 3rd world country, old 1970 looking buildings, garbage everywhere, bunch of self hating cops who couldnt catch a cold, but all they wana do is pull over any sh*t box cars for any self hating reasons, to take the bread out of your mouth.
& ppl that hate one another, car insurance with a price tag, that Hollywood ppl dont even come lose too!! *^^&k this city!! did I forget to mention mentalist ppl, men hating females.
Toronto looks exactly like Detroit with a price tag worse then Hollywood!!
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So let me get this straight, Toronto is not fun because it lacks arcades? Your perception of Toronto is a wee bit off and seeing as I have a bit of time before my lawn bowling session, let's look at this post through a magnifying glass.

"They toke a city from the 90s of fun"...a wee bit lost so I won't address that.

"They removed the nightclubs."...No they didn't. Have you checked out Cabana (a bit pretentious, I'll agree) but what about something like The Ossington, Revival, heck even Aria. Night clubs operate for 2 nights a week, sometimes three and must keep up with high rent. So when a nightclub fails it is due to the fact the business is a tough one to get into and most fail miserably. Obtaining a liquor license is difficult and keeping a liquor license is even a tougher task. 

Muzik still exists and is frequented by the elite members of Toronto. Rob Ford and Justin Bieber love Muzik, seems like a perfect place for you to enjoy. 

"No one-there."...I'll assume you meant "no wonder." Did you know that Toronto has free ESL Classes. This might help you out sir: (if you're visiting Canada you pay a beautiful price of $7/hr)

Yes, the cops of Toronto don't have the best reputation but perhaps you'd like to live somewhere else. Yukon might fit you better, or even an elegant metropolitan like Grand Prairie, Alberta. 

"Mentalist people, men hating females."  I'm not sure what this means, perhaps those ESL classes would fit you well sir. 

Anyways I'd like to talk about this further but Lawn Bowling is about to begin, have a wonderful day and stay away from "mentalist" people, they sound a wee bit scary.
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Very excited to see such a top-notch developer take on this site. A huge parcel of land like this on the soon to be completed new Queen's Quay is exciting. now you have Tridel, Great Gulf and Daniels all building in this area of the waterfront. 3 top-notch big name developers in the same area is good news for Toronto as this is an important piece of our city.

I think it's perfect for a mixed use site: think hotel/office/condo/public space.

I wonder if it will launch in 2014? or if they will go "Daniels Style" and start building it first before selling?
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"Toronto looks exactly like Detroit with a price tag worse then Hollywood!!" LOL. Prices in Detroit are rising too quickly, but nothing close to the Toronto rates.


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