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How can I stop or prevent a sheriffs eviction of my house in Toronto?

The bank put me in foreclosure and they want all the money now. Two days ago I received a sheriff eviction notice. Is there any way to stop, avoid or delay the eviction. I have relatives in Brampton and Mississauga that will allow me and my 2 kids to live with them but I really want to stay in my home. Please send my any ideas that could work.

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Hi Ann

This first step to stop an eviction notice is to contact the lender or the lender's lawyer to determine how much money they want to stop the sheriff's eviction. If there is enough equity in your home you may be able to borrow the funds to stop the eviction. Our company can arrange a mortgage or provide short term funds to stop the eviction. We also contact the various lawyers involved and negotiate a settlement that works for all parties.

Since your house is located in Ontario you must look a the legal documents to determine if you are in power of sale or foreclosure. In a power of sale you are entitled to any excess funds from the sale of the property. In a foreclosure you will get no money when the house is sold.

Another option is to sell the house before the eviction, you can even sell your house after you are evicted. Since you are in foreclosure I advise you to sell your house before the lender takes all of your equity.

Since this is a very important issue I advise you to call me or a lawyer to discuss your options. If you would like more information on how to avoid or stop a power of sale or foreclosure, go to my website I am presently working on stopping power of sales or foreclosures in the following areas, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Hamilton, Newmarket and Aurora.



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