Housing affordability has been one of the biggest hot-button topics within the Greater Toronto Area real estate industry to date. Now, United Way, along with the help of visual content studio, Norm Li, TAXI and KPMB Architects and others, have launched an eye opening campaign to shine light on how drastic the issue of housing affordability in the GTA has become.

According to a press release issued by TAXI, United Way reports that over 116,000 GTA families struggle to put a roof over their heads. One in seven Toronto residents struggle with poverty. Over the past six months, the group and other creative organizations have worked to create an app that allows you to view the #UNIGNORABLE Tower on the Toronto city skyline using augmented reality — a visual portrayal of the staggering reality of housing unaffordability through an imaginary structure, dubbed the #UNIGNORABLE Tower. 

Credit: United Way

The #UNIGNORABLE Tower, which dominates the horizon in the artist renderings, has now given a whole new perspective to what the statistics of poverty looks like. Standing at 2.5 times the height of the CN Tower, the #UNIGNORABLE Tower represents the approximate size and scale of the residence building that would be needed to house all 116,317 people in the GTA who are struggling to afford housing. If the tower, were real, it would be the world’s tallest building, according to the release.

“We know stats can be easy to ignore,” notes TAXI Executive Creative Directors Alexis Bronstorph and Kelsey Horne in the release. “But by changing our skyline using something everyone can understand – the world’s tallest building – we can visualize data in a way that hits close to home.”

Credit: United Way

The #UNIGNORABLE Tower campaign represents just one part of a bigger and more complicated problem. United Way hopes that their enlightening perspective to the housing affordability crisis will bring attention to this complex issue that needs to be addressed now more than ever.

For more information on the campaign and to download the app, visit unitedwaygt.org/tower

Matt Vihant

Matt Vihant is a 3rd year Real Estate & Housing Co-op Student from the University of Guelph. He works on the Data team at BuzzBuzzHome managing data from various territories across North America. Matt is passionate about High Rise real estate development.

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