Have you heard of the new condo project Transit City 4, aka TC4?

For more information about this new development, check out this Livabl article, or, for a more detailed breakdown of the project, take a look on BuzzBuzzHome.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again — in the Toronto new home market, it is not about “location, location, location”, but “access, access, access.”

There is nothing more that people love talking about in the Greater Toronto Area than the weather and real estate — “is the market going up or going down?” On a slow news day, there is no doubt that all the reporters are talking about one or the other.

You’ve probably read a million articles saying that the market is either crashing or booming — much the same as you’ve probably read a million articles saying that its been the snowiest winter, or the warmest summer. Despite the unpredictable market (and, weather patterns), check out this insane line up to buy at Transit City 4, taken on Thursday, April 4th in Vaughan, Ontario.

Access is what matters. If you want to get the best suites and the best pricing, you need to have access to a building.

How do you get early access to a new build? Either you get a realtor with access — or become friends with a builder and get on their Friends and Family list.

Images courtesy CentreCourt Developments

Matthew Slutsky

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