For its sunny weather and stunning terrain, Los Angeles is a desirable place to live for people all over the country. Known for being the land of the single family home, Los Angeles is quickly embracing the idea of density.

Where demand is exceeding the supply of housing, developers are faced with an inability to build outwards due to environmental constraints. For new developments in LA, as per BuzzBuzzHome, the median price for a condo is $1.445 million and the median rental price is $2,945 a month. The housing shortage has caused a hike in pricing, but as supply increases, prices are expected to decrease respectively. Various Los Angeles neighborhoods like Downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood are changing as more high-rise residential buildings are being built.

Below are a few high-rise mixed-use residential developments that will set the bar high, offering exceptional amenities, views, and accessibility for their prospective residents.

1. Fifth & Hill

Completion: 2023
Developer: JMF Enterprises
Architect: Arquitectonica

Cantilevered pools are about to make their first appearance in Los Angeles! Designed by Miami based architecture firm, Arquitectonica, this 53-story Jenga-inspired high-rise is one of a kind. Terraces overlooking Pershing Square and glass-bottom pools are just a few of many luxurious amenities to appreciate. The building will either contain both a hotel and condominiums or condominiums only.

2. Angels Landing

Completion: 2024
Developer: Peebles Corporation, MacFarlane Partners, & Claridge Partners
Architect: Handel Architects

This $1.2 billion, 88-story tower is expected to be one of the tallest in Los Angeles. This mixed-use development will feature 120 condominiums, 450 apartments, and 480 hotel rooms, along with a K-5 charter school and 50,000 square feet of commercial space. Handel Architects is designing the building in hoping to connect various neighborhoods taking into account the Pershing Square Metro Station and the Angels Flight Funicular.

3. 1045 South Olive Street

Completion: 2023
Developer: Crescent Heights
Architect: ODA Architecture

At 70 stories, development firm Crescent Heights plans to bring 794 residential units to the market. Floor to ceiling windows will be incorporated into the design with cantilevered balconies. The site is located by the Downtown LA transit core and is walking distance from 13 bus routes, which will make commuting easy for residents.

4. Olympic Tower

Completion: 2023
Developer: Unknown
Architect: Nardi Associates

Sleek, slender, and located at the heart of Los Angeles, Nardi Associates is designing a 58-story mixed-use building that will feature office space, 373 hotel rooms, 374 condominiums, and 65,074 square feet of commercial space. Vertical gardens are incorporated in this development where it will grow along the exterior glass surfaces of the building, mirroring a giant “urban tree”.

5. The Reef

Completion: 2021
Architect: P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S & Gensler Architects

The Reef, located in South Los Angeles, will bring 1,444 condominiums and apartments to the market. Approximately 70 units will be affordable housing and the development has been approved by the Los Angeles City Council. Due to a lack of investment in this particular area, there is concern that prices will increase. It is said that the developer is looking to sell the project or is looking for a partner.

6. Times Mirror Square

Completion: 2023
Developer: – Onni Group of Companies
Architect: A.C. Martin

Onni Group, a Canadian developer, is bringing two high-rise buildings to Downtown LA with 1,127 residential units. The developers are going to demolish part of the Times Mirror Square complex where two towers rising at 37 and 53 stories will be built. Restaurants, outdoor seating, retail space, a grocery store, and 285,000 square feet of office space will be incorporated. Other amenities include a rooftop swimming pool, sauna, dog run, fitness center, and screening room.

7. 1020 South Figueroa Street

Completion: 2020
Developer: – Shenzhen Hazens Real Estate Group
Architect: Steinberg Hart

Replacing Luxe Hotel, developer Shenzhen Hazen plans to build two high-rise towers that will be a mixture of hotels and condominiums. The 29-story hotel tower will consist of 300 rooms and the 49-story residential building will consist of 435 housing units. There will be 80,000 square feet of commercial space. Both buildings will be connected sharing open space.

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Header Photo: Stig Nygaard

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