Very rarely do people make me LOL. I mean really LOL. Like, ROTFL. Sure, if someone writes me a message that is kind of cute or funny, I might respond with an “lol”, but I’m not actually laughing out loud. Every now and then, someone might send me something that takes me close to LOL’ing, and in response, I’ll send them back this emoji: 🤣

But today is different. Today, Sarah Connor, a realtor from Downtown Resource Group, actually made me LOL. I was laughing out loud for a while.

When I saw the LOL-worthy image she posted on her Instagram, at first I thought I was going to see something kind of lame, like an Acronym-101 lesson meant for old-timer realtors. You know what I’m talking about: “LOL” means, “Laughing out loud”, not “Love you lots”.

Here’s an image:

Source: Sarah Connor

As I started to read through the post, I actually started laughing aloud. I reached the, “Bro, Tight Wainscoting” when I actually lost it and came close to ROTFL’ing. Make sure you follow Sarah on Instagram here.

Now, if you want to see some some really obnoxious and awful real estate ads, check these out:

Oh, and check out the URL for a retirement home on this one  ouch:

And this terrible, terrible ad from Calgary:

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