BuzzBuzzHome prides itself on a company culture where every employee is heard, and given the opportunity to pursue their career goals in creative and flexible ways. And one of the main people behind building that culture is Greg White.

Greg joined BuzzBuzzHome in 2014, after a stint working for an environmental company in Dubai, and years of working as a professional actor, director and producer in the Canadian film and entertainment industry.

Initially joining BuzzBuzzHome as VP of Data & Partnerships, Greg helped build out the team and expand coverage in the US market, which has grown 300% since he took on the role. In 2018, he was named Senior VP of People and Partnerships, where he leads the company’s efforts to create a success-driven culture, while developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders and partners.

“What drew me to work at BuzzBuzzHome in the first place was the concept itself,” says Greg. “It really was the first of its kind, and that was exciting for me, to be a part of something groundbreaking.”

The main reason he’s proud to work at BuzzBuzzHome? The company culture. While plenty of companies say they’re open to letting employees grow into new roles, Greg says that BBH doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walk.

“In my experience, there are very few companies that are willing to listen to where employees want to really take their careers, because in many cases it means employees are leaving the nest,” he says. “But that’s exactly what we do here, and you see it in the office every day — data analysts who go on to become software developers, or take a dream job in marketing — those are opportunities that are encouraged for everybody in the company. If you show a passion for a pursuit, and a dedication to learning and excellence, your career flourishes.

It’s a culture that’s built around supporting employees, and ensuring that they feel heard and supported in the goals and ambitions they have for themselves, according to Greg.“It’s my job as a manager to ensure that people feel comfortable coming to me and telling me where they see themselves working in the long-term,” he shares. “When we can connect today’s goals with future company and personal career goals, that is where the optimization of individual and company performance exists.

When not building BuzzBuzzHome’s company culture, Greg spends his time working as an actor and producer in the GTA film, television, and theatre scene. As producer at the Evermore Theatre Company, Greg will oversee the Toronto premiere of Sarah Burgess’s Dry Powder, which will run at The Toronto Centre for the Arts from April 4th to 20th.


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