When purchasing pre-construction, it can be many years in the future before you receive the keys and can finally see the end product. To avoid the let down of intrusive walls or few windows, one Toronto broker says it all comes down to the details in the floor plan you choose.

Ralph Fox, Broker of Record and Managing Partner at Sage-Fox Marin Associates, knows a flawed floor plan when he sees one. In his experience, you should always be looking for sources of natural light and extensions of the property into the outdoors when browsing plans.

Fox, a serial entrepreneur since his teen years, has curated a speciality in investment real estate and has brokered deals around the world. He runs Fox Marin with his business partner, Kori Marin, focusing on downtown Toronto neighborhoods and developments.

You can follow Ralph Fox and his team online at @_foxmarin or visit foxmarin.ca for more information.


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