My good friend David Sax wrote an incredible book called “Save the Deli” – it’s an in-depth look at the deli scene across North America, diving deep into the history of deli, and the people who run present day delis.

In the hot, hot, hot real estate market of Toronto, there is no way to save the deli. Sky-high land prices are dwarfing the profits made off a pastrami on rye with a pickle on the side.

Katz’s Deli is the latest deli announcing it’s closure due to a land deal. Located on Dufferin Street, within a stones throw from Yorkdale Shopping Centre and the 401, it is in an emerging area of the city ripe for new development. Some notable new residential projects in the vicinity include: Residenze Palazzo at Treviso 33140 Dufferin Street Condos3450 Dufferin Street, Treviso Condos, and Dream Residences.

Rumour is that Terracap purchased the site for $18,000,000. That’s a BIG number, and too early to know what they plan to do with the site. But, I imagine that it will remain retail at the moment, with condos in the not-to-distant future.

Header photo: jeffreyw via Flickr

Street View image courtesy of Google

Matthew Slutsky

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