Why do you want to make it hard for people to buy your new homes?

When I first arrived at BuzzBuzzHome just over five years ago, the first thing that threw me for a loop was how much more advanced our neighbours to the south were when it came to transparency and technology in real estate. Unfortunately, for the Canadian home buyer, nothing significant has changed here in the last half-decade. We have a lot to learn.

American home builders understand the modern new home buyer. They understand that we are living in the Information Age, which started back in the 1970s. What is taking Canadian builders so long to catch on? 

Of course, several Canadian home builders are just as transparent and digitally savvy as their American counterparts. Yet, here in this otherwise glorious northern utopia, we have several home builders who will only tell buyers how much their new homes cost after putting the consumer through major inconveniences — not the best way to establish a great relationship!

Imagine wanting to buy something on Amazon, but they didn’t tell you the price. Instead, you had to email Amazon to ask how much that awesome Hawaiian shirt was. And then, after waiting a couple of days for a response, Amazon emails you to tell you that the price is roughly $20, give or take, and you’ll have to come into the Hawaiian Shirt Sales Centre to discuss the actual price. Sound ridiculous? This is literally what is happening to most Canadian home buyers on the most important purchase they’ll ever make.    

This is all a result of outmoded and self-defeating sales practices. If you don’t publish your pricing online, you invariably suffer these three major, detrimental effects on your business:

  1. The home buyer starts their journey with you without trust. Trust is a hard thing to earn. By hiding pricing in this era of information, you are setting yourself up as a brand with something to hide. Consumers don’t care if you have operational and technological inefficiencies that make it difficult to keep up. When the community next door is sharing pricing and you aren’t, you’re hiding something. It’s that simple.  
  2. The modern consumer expects an effortlessness shopping experience. A home buyer wants the basics as they are researching. They don’t want to sign up for lists just to learn the most essential elements of your product. 

Now they have to wait for an email response? Call a sales centre telephone that just keeps ringing? And, the ultimate inconvenience, you don’t share prices even by email or phone? You just made the consumer have to unnecessarily schedule time in your sales centre and make room for travel time and arrange for a babysitter time and take time off work, etc. Why are you inconveniencing your prospects?

  1. You are wasting your sales team’s time. They should be spending time with people who are ready to buy, going through the great upgrades, and closing business — not dealing with window shoppers. Let the window shopping happen online.

Build trusted relationships with your transparency. Invest in technology to help you communicate with the market more efficiently. Make it easy for your customers to reach out via chat, SMS, email, telephone at their convenience. Let them schedule an appointment when they are ready to come in. Buyers should already know the basics when they arrive on your doorstep.

Don’t waste the consumer’s time. Don’t waste your own time.

Make it effortless for people to call your new home, their new home.

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Greg White

Greg White is the SVP, People and Partnerships at BuzzBuzzHome. He is passionate about market transparency and improving the new home buying experience.

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