At BuzzBuzzHome (BBH) HQ, we believe that splashes of colour and vibrant artwork can have an effect on employees’ moods, encourage creativity and provide that much-needed respite from day-to-day operations. With so much time spent in meetings or staring into computer screens, the artwork surrounding the team provides relief from the pressures of work and deadlines.

Located on the southwest corner of Adelaide Street West and Peter Street in Toronto, BBH HQ isn’t your typical office. There are no oversized bulletin boards, rows upon rows of cubicles or cheesy motivational posters plastered to the walls. In fact, the open-concept space on the sixth floor of the 1920s-era, former-factory building is filled with pieces by local street artists and muralists like Uber 5000. The well-known Canadian artist has been commissioned to create murals for all kinds of organizations, from Facebook and LinkedIn to New Brunswick and Toronto Tourism.

“Many businesses and start ups seem to embrace street art and murals,” says Uber 5000. “I think it’s because it’s visually stimulating, especially with a mural where you take base elements and create a complex picture and message. It’s much more than the sum of its parts.”

At BBH HQ, two large-scale pieces by Uber 5000 frame the main office area, with one featuring his signature yellow bird and a stylized BuzzBuzzHome mascot, Leonard the Bee, on the other.

“It’s important to have balance in the workplace. Speaking from my own experience, I create more, take more risks and feel best when I’m inspired,” says Uber 5000. “If artwork can provide that rest, inspiration and spark of creativity, it can have a huge effect on employee’s focus and productivity.”

Here we take you on a photo tour of our growing street art collection. Scroll down and enjoy!

All photos by James Bombales.

1. Anser

2. Listenbird

3. Pipsqueak

4. Poser

5. Jeff Blackburn6. Unknown

7. Kizmet

8. Birdo

9. Lovebot

10. MSKA (Pua69)

11. Uber 5000

12. M Forsythe

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