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Online new home sales are now a reality with BuzzBuzzHome’s BuyNow

Keep sales coming in 24/7, even after your sales center is closed for the day. With BuyNow, new home shoppers can select their unit, upload their mortgage preapproval and identity verification documents, digitally sign their APS and pay the deposit for their new home.

The New Home Marketplace is here!

Inventory is tracked in real time through Daypack, revolutionary new software that ensures you're never overselling additional items or selling the same unit to two or more purchasers.

How online purchases work

Sell homes faster using Daypack & BuyNow

Sell online with BuyNow

Online sales can happen anywhere and at any time. Let purchasers complete deals without having to visit your sales center.

Get in front of more home shoppers

Make it easier for people who are relocating, or unable to access your sales center. Increase sales with access to BuzzBuzzHome’s 650,000 monthly home shoppers.

Tracking inventory in Daypack

Access your sales matrix or site plan from any tablet or computer. Your team always has access to real time availability.

Sales Tracking

View sales in real time and ensure units and additional items are never oversold. Effortlessly move units from available to conditional, and let Daypack inform you when an online sale comes through or a deal goes firm.

APS Generation

Prepare deals quickly by having Daypack automatically generate APS documents. Users are able to digitally sign the APS from their home when purchasing online, or on screen in the sales center to avoid printing long documents.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate and download detailed reports about your development with a single click. Daypack produces reports on tax and revenue, deposits, amendments and more.

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