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BuzzPro is our agent referral program that connects qualified new home shoppers to expert agents

What you get

New Clients in Your Inbox

Qualified clients delivered directly to your inbox with complete contact information.

Qualified Leads

Our agents receive hundreds of inquiries from home shoppers who are actively searching for new properties

Featured Contact Space

You're listed as a primary contact at the top of listings in the area you choose to target, including your name, photo and brokerage.

Complete Flexibility

Start, stop and change your account week-to-week; with no monthly fees or long-term commitment.

How it works

Submit your application

Apply by submitting your basic details, along with why you think you would be a great BuzzPro Agent. You'll receive an email if you are approved.

Target specific areas

You decide which neighborhoods your ad will appear in. Then we advertise you to new home shoppers in that area, and directly email your buyers.

Get leads and close deals

Qualified leads are sent directly to your inbox. You choose how many leads per week you'd like to receive.

What we're looking for

Quick and responsive

These clients are actively looking for their next home! Responding to leads in less than 5 minutes can be the difference between a deal and a dud.

Master of your craft

You should be an expert on new construction and offer exceptional value and service to all clients.

Neighborhood knowledge

You know which developments are most popular in your area and you're up-to-date on the latest launches and market news.

What agents have to say about the BuzzPro program

"I'm receiving leads, talking to them on the phone, booking appointments and closing them. BuzzPro makes you stand out as an agent; it's effective and powerful. It is the quality lead generator for our industry today"

Brigitte Obregon

RE/MAX 2000 Realty Inc.

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