The BuzzBuzzHome team consists of several guys and gals working out of our offices in New York, Toronto and Vancouver. We are passionate about what we do and we like to get stuff done.
matthew slutsky
Co-President / Co-founder
Prior to BuzzBuzzHome, Matthew was VP Development for a Toronto land development firm. Matthew holds a M.Sc. from the University of Edinburgh, and an Hon. B.A from the University of Toronto. If Matthew does not respond to your email within one hour, he is most likely sitting on his cottage dock with a cigar and bourbon in hand.
cliff peskin
Co-President / Co-founder
After completing his BA, Cliff founded Nutrition in Motion Ltd. ( which he sold to U.S.-based The Fresh Diet. Recreationally, Cliff is an avid wake-boarder, snow-boarder, scuba-diver, video-game player, and occasional surfer.
kiyoko fujimura
Executive Vice President
Kiyoko graduated from U of T with an honours degree in Commerce and Finance. She likes politics, pop music, pomegranates, puns and parks. She's also particularly fond of watching cute animal videos on the internet.
erin bury
Managing Director 88C
Erin is a technology journalist and digital marketer who was named one of Marketing Magazine's 30 Under 30 in 2012. She's worked in startups for the last six years, doing everything from communications to planning karaoke Christmas parties. A Carleton journalism grad, she's also a Financial Post columnist and a tech expert for CTV News.
gord smart
Vice President, Business Development
Prior to BuzzBuzzHome, Gord worked in traditional print as well as online publications for national and regional publishers across Canada. With a degree in Political Science and Economics from The University of British Columbia, Gord has also lived and worked in Japan. When not working, Gord can be found in one of Vancouver's MANY sushi joints or hiking the city and mountain trails of Canada's "wet" Coast.
mohammad badrah
Vice President, Technology
With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering and Automatic Control from Egypt's Alexandria University, Mohammad is ready for a future in which robots rule the Earth. After completing his education, Mohammad and his wife launched a web app that encourages children to carry out household chores by rewarding them with toys. This clever venture-backed bribing scheme won first prize at Google's Startup Weekend Alexandria in 2011. As you might expect from someone whose job it is to solve convoluted tech problems, Mohammad enjoys assembling IKEA furniture in his spare time.
sean mackay
Managing Editor
Sean graduated from U of T with an honours degree in Political Science. He enjoys editing a lot — certainly more than the average person — and edited both the Strand and Varsity newspapers at U of T. In his spare time he likes to vicambulate while listening to obscure 60s garage rock and show tunes.
greg white
Vice President, Data and Partnerships
Greg joins BuzzBuzzHome after almost six years working abroad in Dubai, where he helped to introduce recycling and environmental education programs in partnership with His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi. He's also an occasional filmmaker, and in his spare time, he wrote and directed the acclaimed thriller 'Separation.' For his next challenge, Greg is setting his sights on winning an Olympic medal. He thinks curling is probably his best bet.
ryan mcgovern
Data Operations Manager
Originally hailing from Mississauga, Ryan followed his dreams and moved to the big city of Toronto where he studied urban planning at Ryerson University. He is now compiling a collection of short stories as well as maintaining his Tumblr account. Ryan is especially fond of playing the guitar, watching back to back episodes of The Wire, and skateboarding.
smijith balan
Lead Software Developer
Smijith has a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication. He likes bicycles and taking pictures and is often spotted taking pictures while riding his bicycle.
gabriella rackoff
Creative Director 88C
Gabriella holds an honours B.A. in theatre and a diploma in creative advertising. Gabriella likes writing, graphic design, painting, knitting (she can make a pair of mittens in a day), cooking and eating. When she's not eating or thinking about what to eat, Gabriella is happiest sitting in the park on a sunny day with friends and snacks.
noemi guillaumet
Lead Graphic Designer
Noemi decided to leave the warm beaches of Barcelona to enjoy the frigid winters of Toronto. She holds an Honours B.A. in Art History and a B.A. in Digital Design from the University of Barcelona and is completing her Ph.D. in Interactive Design. When she's not earning degrees, Noemi enjoys exploring the wide world of food (tapas are the best!), reading and writing children's books and watching soccer matches. Visca el Barça ¡ Visca Catalunya!
jason giles
Digital Strategist 88C
Jason graduated from Brock University with a B.A. in Business communications. When not plugged in to social media, Jason can be found in hockey rinks and at baseball diamonds perfecting his crafts. If he's not there - he's probably somewhere debating whether Iron Man can beat up the Incredible Hulk.
michael aynsley
Associate Editor - Western Canada
Originally from the rugged B.C. Interior, Michael migrated to the green streets of Vancouver in 2005. Prior to joining the BuzzBuzzHome team, he worked as a news writer and blogger for OpenFile. Michael holds a journalism diploma from BCIT, and enjoys writing and social media as much as he enjoys mountains and the Pacific Ocean.
monika warzecha
Associate Editor - Central Canada
Monika completed an English and History degree at the University of Toronto before decamping for Halifax, where she studied Journalism at the University of King's College. She's contributed to the CBC, Globe and Mail, Toronto Life and Canadian Geographic. She's willing to write about anything -- except maybe baseball.
sean o'reilly
Lead Software Developer
Sean attended the University of Ottawa where he majored in Philosophy and went on to study Computer Programming at Algonquin College. When not elbows deep in BuzzBuzzHome code, you can find Sean enjoying a pint at a local pub where he probably will be waxing philosophical about the nature of reality or the meaning of life. Either that or giving out unnecessarily detailed instructions on how to upgrade your router’s firmware.
danielle faber
Digital Strategist 88C
Danielle Faber is a graduate of McMaster University and holds an honours degree in Communication Studies. She is a social media enthusiast and an avid culture seeker. In her spare time, she likes to explore Toronto from the ground up, looking for new restaurants, shops, and galleries.
ramees machingal
Software Developer
Ramees graduated from Calicut University with a BA in Computer Science. In his spare time, Ramees like to listen to soft Indian music, especially from the '80s (clearly the best decade). He also is a major travel freak and loves cricket about 100 times more than you do.
hafsa pathan
Social Media Coordinator 88C
Hafsa graduated from the University of Toronto with a BSc and went on to complete a post-graduate certificate in Corporate Communications and Public Relations at Centennial College. She loves macarons and fad diets (they don't usually pair well). She can be found Instagramming her shoes and tweeting about what she's eating for lunch.
kevin sivabalan
Software Developer
Kevin has a degree in Engineering Physics from Queen's University and wrote a thesis about the Simulation of Light Yield in Liquid Argon Dark Matter Detectors. He was too busy writing code and learning Sails.js to write anything meaningful here. He also spends too much time in vim and fixing broken tests. Secretly, he just wants to fly planes.
james bombales
News Reporter
After graduating from the University of Ottawa with an Honours BA in Public Administration, James began his professional career as you'd expect someone from Ottawa to: working for the man. That is to say he was a proud public servant for the federal government for a number of years. The allure of the land development scene eventually brought James south to Toronto. In his spare time, James enjoys populating his Instagram feed with whimsical photos of urban landscapes.
jason ngu
A graduate of the University of Guelph’s Real Estate and Housing program – one of only two university programs in Canada that specialize in the real estate sector – it’s as if Jason was genetically engineered to join the BuzzBuzzHome team. He also enjoys watching soccer, traveling through Asia and eating at Toronto restaurants with bad Yelp reviews
eva bennett
Eva graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Geography, Environmental Analysis and Geographic Information Systems. She really loves planet Earth. Also, for some reason, country music. During the warmer times of the year, you can find her basking in the sun on a patio or doing something outdoorsy like camping or wrestling a bear.
james brereton
QA Developer
James is a Computer Science graduate from Queen’s University. He has lived in three different countries, including Belgium, where he acquired a crippling addiction to chocolate. Seriously, do not take him on an Easter egg hunt. James can be frequently found blogging or enjoying his vast and eclectic music collection.
claire owens
Social Media Coordinator 88C
Claire is a big film buff – what you’d expect from a graduate of Queen's University Film and Media program. She enjoys everything from obscure documentaries to the 'Air Bud' pentalogy. Claire is also an avid traveler and got a tattoo of a world map so she'd never get lost. Nobody tell her about Google Maps.
chris despatie
Software Developer
Chris holds two degrees, one in jazz performance and the other a Bachelor's of Computer Engineering from McGill University. When he's not improvising on a drum set or PC motherboard, you can probably find him stalking wild animals with his trusty SLR camera. Chris is also super interested in embedded systems, house automation and robotics. One day he hopes to build his own robot butler like the one in Rocky IV.
miguel vesco
Software Developer
Miguel graduated from McMaster University as a Mechatronics Engineer, a discipline that combines electromechanical design and software development. He loves computers so much that he actually builds them in his leisure time. A fiend for all genres of music, Miguel is considering creating a petition demanding that Google raise its 20,000-song limit on Google Play Music. His Rod Stewart discography alone is 14,678 songs.
vivin vikraman
Software Developer
Vivin comes to BuzzBuzzHome with a B-Tech in Information Technology from India’s Cochin University. No one would dispute that he's an all star programmer, but even more indisputable are Vivin's fearsome skills on the badminton court, where he's known for his rainbow serves and winning smile. He also enjoys traveling, photography and driving – sometimes all at once.
kelsey pudloski
News Reporter
An expat from the US, Kelsey came to Canada for the cheap tuition -- she graduated from Concordia University with a BA in Journalism -- and stayed for the poutine. Before joining the BuzzBuzzHome team she was a writer for VICE Magazine. Her own vice? Documentary filmmaking, a nefarious hobby that landed her in a Danish prison for a week (where she was actually working on a project about the principle of normalization).
meaghan zabinsky
Digital Marketing Coordinator 88C
Meaghan, a graduate of Seneca College’s creative advertising program, has more hobbies than a craft fair. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing, planning vacations and binge-watching Netflix. She also collects vintage shoes that are half a size too small and wears them out when partaking in another favourite pastime: frequenting sketchy Toronto dive bars.
alex chapman
While he graduated out West with a degree in Environmental Geography from the University of Victoria, Alex never forgot his Central Canada roots and remains an unabashed Leafs fan. It's why he was voted off Vancouver Island and banished back to Ontario. An avid traveler and canoeist, Alex has spent time paddling through the Canadian Arctic, where he once wrestled a polar bear because he thought it was wearing a Habs jersey.
danielle moed
Danielle graduated with an Honours BA in Cognitive Science of Language from McMaster University and went on to complete an MA in Linguistics at the University of Toronto -- a mouthful of a degree that requires a linguistics diploma to verbalize. Her hobbies include updating her Tumblr blog, binging on Netflix and making up multisyllabic words at parties to confuse drunk people.
jennifer williams
Financial Controller
As a native of Halifax, Canada’s Boston, Jennifer is a huge New England Patriots fan and takes her fantasy football very seriously. Her football fantasy, incidentally, is high-fiving Tom Brady after a big win (for her make-believe team, not Brady’s). Jennifer also runs half marathons and volunteers teaching economically disadvantaged individuals about personal finance and debt management.
eril berkok
Product Manager
An Honours graduate of Queen's University's Computer Science program, Eril takes his craft so seriously that he spends his free time reading literature on automation and user experience. He also enjoys playing video games on nearly any platform. Yes, you'd think a product manager would have more discerning taste, but the man loves his Sega Dreamcast.
cory ingwersen
Senior Designer 88C
Cory’s impressive design portfolio includes work for notable brands like Coca-Cola, Kraft and Canadian Tire. The latter company compensating him, of course, with department store currency. Making it rain 10-cent bills in the automotive aisle is a go-to weekend activity, but Cory also enjoys the great outdoors, seeking adventure with reckless abandon and a selfie stick.
aleks jaunkalns
Accounting Assistant
Aleks left Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Finance and a laid back East Coast outlook. Now in Toronto, Aleks passes his free time at home blaring country music and watching bad TV at maximum volume. On a related note, he has an uneasy relationship with his neighbours. Luckily his two adorable dogs are around to calm rattled nerves after an all-night Miranda Lambert listening party.
charlene d'aoust
PR Manager 88C
Charlene has no room for kitten calendars or inspirational quotes on her wall because it's filled with framed honours. She holds a BA in sociology, a professional marketing certificate, and a publicity and PR certificate. During her downtime, you can find Charlene in a coffee shop engaging in face-to-face conversations with friends, which, as we understand it, is like FaceTime but without the phone. Weird, huh?
brian maurice
Customer Service Specialist
Brian was formerly the head tripper at camp Wopongo. He is renowned for consuming two boxes of Milk Duds daily and enjoys building fires in the Muskokas during the winter. He has a Bachelors Degree in Chemical Engineering.