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Twitter Tag for Toronto Real Estate

I realized we don't have an official tag for Toronto Real Estate on Twitter! Also for commercial Real Estate we officially use #CRE but #RRE is not used for Residential Real Estate!
How about Preconstructions!

I suggest! #TORE for Toronto Real Estate and #RRE for residential real estate!

For Preconstruction Condos, I suggest #PRECONCONDOS

Open to all suggestions!

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There is a lot to talk about in the Toronto real estate market, and often 140 characters is not enough! As such, I think it has to be something really really short in order for it to be used.
I am suggesting #REto or #REyyz ...personally, I prefer the yyz, as it makes it more specific.
As for pre-construction, that is a really hard one to keep short!! Any more ideas???
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I like #RRE for residential real estate and #TORE for Toronto Real Estate - as suggested by @Shadia .
I also like @Matthew 's #REto and #REyyz (which is funny).
For Pre-construction I suggest #preco and for #preco specific to To I suggest #precoto
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For new construction, what about #newTOre, or newREto?
It is short, sweet, and very to the point?
Anything with "prec...", I tend to this "precast concrete".
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You're on the ball @Shadia! #RRE and #TORE is great!

We agree with @Matthew - #newTOre is clear and concise. We think the hash tag needs to be easy to decifer for those who aren't familiar with the real-estate lingo (like first time buyers), and are simply browsing twitter - it needs to be translatable.
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Thanks @DNA3
@DNA3 @Mattwe @Cliff
like both #TORE and #REto for Toronto Real Estate!

For Res RE, definitely #RRE

Like #newTORE or #newREto, however I don't think it is as direct and searchable for consumers! When I was a consumer always looking for preconsturctions projects, I never used new condos for my searches, I always used the word "Preconstruction"!

Also, as a P.ENg. word "Construction" is always on the back of my mind! Don't know how general public do their searches when looking for preconstruction for investments or use! New condos could be for brand new condos for assignments!

I suggest a has tag containing #PreCon or #PCC (pre construction condos).

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